Sizing & Care

Example of Measurements

(Straight Dress,w/o straps):

If you think you might be between sizes, we recommend sizing up.

S – length: 40″, bust: 34″

M – length: 42″, bust: 38″

L – length: 44″, bust: 42″

XL – length: 45″, bust: 48″

Some dresses have ties to make the dress fitted.



Our largest tops measure a 54″ bust.

Fabric Care

Clean batik fabrics in cold water with similar colors on a gentle or short wash cycle. Use a standard household washing machine or by hand, but with a gentle laundry detergent.

Toss the washed batik fabrics into the dryer on a warm temperature setting until they are completely dry or partially dry and hang. Do not twist or wring the fabric when removing excess moisture. Air-dry them instead (away from direct sunlight) if they have adornments or decorations on them.

To remove wrinkles, spray with water mist and let hang dry.

Extra wax can be brushed off before washing.  The wax used in the process may have an odor that disappears after washing.  Air in sun outdoors also recommended.